1. Introduction

The Window Plug in created by Citcon provides a quick and simple way for merchants to integrate the Citcon API into their existing POS with little to no coding experience necessary.  This plug in provides a standard integration which will fit most merchant’s needs when it comes to accepting QR code payments.

The Windows Plug in will help merchants configure the tools to receive parameters from the merchant’s POS system (if the POS supports such a feature), conduct payment/refund and to synchronize the transaction data back to the merchant’s POS system. 

2. Supported Regions and Currencies

  • US – USD
  • CA – CAD
  • EU – EUR
  • UK – GBP

Note: New Currencies, such as AUD and NZD, will be added in the future.

3. Supported Payment Methods

  • Alipay
  • WeChat Pay
  • CUP QR
  • PayPal
  • Venmo

4. Receipt

The Plug-in is not able to control the POS printer thus no Citcon transaction receipt will be printed. If the transaction is synchronized back to the merchant POS, the Sales Associate can print out receipts through the POS system.

For more details, check out the source code on Github

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